Thursday, July 4, 2019

Free Books!

Happy Fourth of July. 

 I hope you have the opportunity this weekend to spend some quality time with friends and family.  Have a safe and happy holiday.  And just in case you want to pick up something to read this weekend, I’ve got some free books for you.

Starting Friday, July 5th and running through Tuesday, July 8, you can download a copy of my short story collection “Three to Get Ready” and the novel “Fade Away” for no cost at all.  Simply follow the links below. It’s just that easy.

 “Three to Get Ready” are short stories in the spirit of “The Twilight Zone”, “Night Gallery” and “Tales of the Crypt” where you just know something strange is lurking right around the corner. Here’s hoping you enjoy the ride.            
A motorcyclist races across the desert in an attempt to escape his past takes a detour through a bucolic town that could have been crafted by Norman Rockwell. But this quaint little village is not what it appears.
An old man struggles to retain the memories of a long life, but time is definitely not on his side. When he is summoned to the mysterious Kaliber mansion, his curiosity gets the better of him. But will he remember what’s waiting for him in time?
A small group of passengers wait for the connecting train at a rural railroad station. For most, it’s just a brief stop on their way to someplace bigger. But two anxiously wonder what forces are behind this place in the midst of nowhere.

Here’s a little snippet about “Fade Away”

Vincent Tyrell is trying to put his life together after being discharged from the Army.  With no place to call home, he takes a job doing security work at a chemical plant in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Just as he’s about to settle into a comfortable routine, a deadly explosion rips apart the night, leaving Tyrell badly injured.  The explosion was the result of an experiment that went terribly wrong. But the chemical blast has a strange effect on Tyrell’s body.  The authorities are searching for him, blaming him for the accident. He’s desperately trying to find the men responsible, to see if they have a cure or a way to reverse the process. A cross country chase ensues. Will he find them before it is too late, or will he just Fade Away?

 You know there's gotta be music.  So here's the perfect summer tune, from a July 4th concert with Hall and Oates.

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