Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Character Interview: No Name

This week we have another guest visiting. This is the lead character in the novel "Deliverance" by Kristy Centeno.  But there’s a twist to this paranormal story, which makes this interview a little…challenging.

He’s been locked away his entire life.

He dreams of freedom.

The only way he can accomplish his goals is by breaking free of the chains tying him to a dark past and gloomy existence. But there’s one catch. He’s not human. 

And he’s never set foot outside his jail.

Devoted to saving his peers as well as his own life, he sets out to find the one person that can help him achieve his objectives. He knows where she will be and what she will look like, but what he doesn’t anticipate is the fact he finds himself caring for the girl whose life he’s put at risk, more and more each day.

He has no name.

He has only known hatred and violence before her.

However, she will teach him to have faith in humanity, even if she can’t trust him.

Together they will embark on a journey to bring down a corrupt system responsible for the loss of many innocent lives. But when he finds his feelings compromised, can he still move on knowing that doing so will put an end to the life she once knew? How far is he willing to go to be free?

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m not sure what to say.

I suppose I can start out by revealing that I’m not entirely human. I was born and raised in an institute where I was made to act as a mercenary for the financial gain of my creator and his organization.

How did your background get you involved in this novel?

The way I was brought up played as the perfect backdrop for the story. Add all the paranormal factors and I was front row and center of the book.

Who came first, you or the author?

She’s older than me so…she did.

What’s your greatest strength? And of course, we want to know the opposite, your greatest weakness.

Physically, I’m very strong.

But I have many weaknesses. I’m told I do not socialize well. I’m not sure what that means, but if it has something to do with interacting with others then I would say that it’s an accurate statement.
I don’t trust easily. I’m nervous around people.

What is it about this story that sets it apart from the others?

It paints me, the hero, as someone that is as fragile as I am strong.

Tell us something about your background that may or may not be revealed in the book?

I’m a hybrid. Part werewolf. Part vampire. Though I didn’t find out until recently. My creator kept that secret from me as well as the identity of my parents.

Are you the type of person who always seeks out the company of others?

No. In fact, I go well out of my way to avoid others as much as possible.

What do you do to relax after a day’s work?

I enjoy reading after a long day of manual labor.

Which do you prefer, music or television?


Who’s your best friend and what influence have they had on your life?

I have no friends.

What has been the most romantic thing you’ve ever done or instigated?

I…don’t know what romantic means.
I…have no knowledge of the word or experience in that department either.

Tell us about the one person you loved who got away.

Before Kristina, I did not know what it meant to love someone. I never had feelings for anyone prior to her.

Here’s an excerpt from the story.

She coerces my lips open with her tongue. I oblige, shutting my eyes to revel in the barrage of sentiments borne of her actions. For once, I allow myself the luxury of being consumed by an emotion I can hardly keep under wraps.

A craving unlike any I’ve ever felt before rises and quickly becomes my biggest enemy. I’m overwhelmed with the need to caress Kristina—to lure her in and keep her tightly clutched against my chest. I want so much more than to sit still as her tongue invades my mouth, gently stroking my own.

My body betrays me in a very physical way. In my confusion, I’m apprehensive as to how to proceed. Where do I go from here? I wrestle with my desire to explore her body, and her specific requirements to keep my appendages where they won’t come in contact with any part of her anatomy.

Not easy to do with our mouths joined, and Kristina so painfully close to me.

Author’s Bio: 
Kristy Centeno loves to spin tales of creatures that go bump in the night, with a sprinkle of romance to top them off. Her passion for writing stems from a lifelong enjoyment of reading and the pleasure derived from the magical worlds created by authors like her. She prefers her female leads strong, independent, and stubborn who will stop at nothing to save their loved ones and protect those they care for.

Kristy currently resides in Pennsylvania with her five kids and a trio of noisy parakeets. When she’s not working or writing, she juggles her free time between raising a handful of minions and pursuing other career goals.

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