Sunday, January 6, 2019

Counting Down

I distinctly remember one of the nuns in elementary school extolling with a calm, steady voice “Patience is a virtue” to which the response “I’m not a virtuous person” immediately jumped to mind. 

 Fortunately, my young brain had the good sense to intervene and prevent me from blurting out that sentiment. 

Yes, back in those days, the nuns were allowed to inflict corporal punishment. My knuckles still bear the scars of other antics the good sisters did not approve of.

So I’m not a patient man.

But over the years, I’ve learned with matters that are beyond my control, I just have to suck it up and wait.And wait. And wait a little bit more.

Last week I learned that “Your Turn to Die” is scheduled for release on February 6, 2019. In some respects, that’s just around the corner, only a month away.


Meanwhile I will attempt to keep busy by working on the next Chene adventure.

Here’s the story line for “Your Turn to Die” the new Jefferson Chene mystery.  In addition to his crew of regulars, Chene also draws on the expertise of a few friends, including Jamie Richmond, to help unravel the case.

It was supposed to be a friendly round of paintball. But blood, not paint, covers Kyle Morrissey’s body. Though admired by the public for his charity, the businessman was no choirboy. Could it be that more than one person want him dead? Sergeant Jefferson Chene and his detective squad catch the case. With two new faces on the team, he finds himself in the unfamiliar role as mentor. He is also cautiously beginning a relationship with Simone Bettencourt, the beautiful woman he met while pursuing a serial murderer. Complicating the case are two retired gangsters, a fortune in jewels, and Detroit’s history of organized crime. But the squad must utilize every resource available to catch a killer.

While there was a lot of different music this week, here’s an old favorite from Eric Clapton that came to the surface.

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