Sunday, October 15, 2017

Road Trips

I live in West Michigan. Kind of halfway between Motown and Chicago, which can lead to all sorts of opportunities.  This week we headed west and went to visit our son in Chicago. Along the way we got caught up in steady downpour. While the weather didn’t cooperate, it didn’t dampen our spirits of the time we spent together.

I’m used to driving. Road trips are a great opportunity for me to work on a scene or dialogue when the conversation lapses. Most of the times on the road, I don’t even have music playing. The sounds of the highway are all the background noise I need. By now my wife has come to recognize the signs and understands that I’m conversing with my characters.

Yesterday was a perfect example. I’m nearly done with the first draft of the sequel for Why 319.  When she asked I explained a few details needed elaborating and a couple of minor plot points I wanted to clarify. After that, I’ll read the entire manuscript through. Then I’ll reach out to a some other authors to see if there is any interest in giving it a read. Often these people will spot a point in the story that needs greater attention.  Once that’s done, it will be ready to submit to the publisher. Then, it’s hurry up and wait. Or, more likely, on to the next story.

So road trips for me can be just another way to write. 

And here’s a perfect tune by the Doobie Brothers for a road trip.

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