Sunday, March 13, 2016

Get Your Free Book!!!

I'm a book nut. It should be no surprise that most authors are. You have to read. It's like a magnetic force that pulls you in, draws you to the story and won't leave you alone until you finish the last page. Of course, then you reach for another book to keep the momentum going.  I'll browse through old bookstores or the library, looking for something that will catch my eye.  When the local library holds it used book sale every other month, I'm usually one of the first people inside.  It's a great way to discover different authors who may become favorites, at very affordable prices.

Over the years I've found a number of great authors this way:  James Rollins, John Sanford, James W. Hall, Lee Child, Robert Crais, Greg Iles, the list goes on and on.  By the time I've tripped over them, it's not as if this is the first book they've written.  So like some type of print archaeologist, I'll keep an eye out for their earlier efforts, eager to snap one up.   Knowing how much I enjoy finding such a prize, I thought you might like "Fade Away" one of my first novels, so I've arranged it as a Free Book on Amazon from March 14th through the 16th.

Here's a little bit about it.   I hope you'll enjoy it.

Vincent Tyrell is trying to put his life together after being discharged from the Army. With no place to call home, he takes a job doing security work at a chemical plant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Just as he’s about to settle into a comfortable routine, a deadly explosion rips apart the night, leaving Tyrell badly injured. The explosion was the result of an experiment that went terribly wrong. But the chemical blast has a strange effect on Tyrell’s body. The authorities are searching for him, blaming him for the accident. He’s desperately trying to find the men responsible, to see if they have a cure or a way to reverse the process. A cross country chase ensues. Will he find them before it is too late, or will he just Fade Away?

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